LGBTQI+ artists

to connect with wider audiences.

ALLY companies

to celebrate pride meaningfully.

What is the Purple Passport Experience?

Hey! it’s Ulas.


I’m a Turkish LGBTQI+ artist and a creative entrepreneur based in Amsterdam.


Like everyone else in their right mind, I too am sick of witnessing companies throwing money at blatant rainbow-washing events and practices every year around pride month.


That’s why I’ve decided to start the Purple Passport Experience. It might have taken its name from a personal exhibition of mine, but it has evolved into quite an impactful pop-up queer experience that connects struggling LGBTQI+ artists with wider audiences. 

How does it work?

  • We reach out to diversity & inclusion associates of ALLY companies
  • We connect over a cup of coffee
  • We propose an event to the ALLY company
  • The proposal contains an in-depth account of the venue, theme, speakers, curation and budget
  •  Once confirmed by the ALLY company, we start organising.


As the name suggests, The Purple Passport Experience is more of an experience than an art event.

  • IT’S INTIMATE: Artists are present in the event and they each do a walk-through of their work, genuinely connecting with the audience.
  • IT’S FAIR: Once a work is sold, the artist sets the terms, handles the full process and gets the full price.
  • IT’S EMPOWERING: The ALLY company and its stakeholders have an outlet to connect with their local LGBTQI+ community on a personal basis, and support them financially.
  • If a work is sold, they get the full price. No comission.
  • They connect with local audiences.
  • They connect with fellow artists from their local community.
  • They each do a brief walk-through of their work in person. 

The Purple Passport Experience is typically a night or two nights long. Depending on the needs of the ALLY company, it can stay on display longer. 

We are based in Amsterdam. The Purple Passport Experience is likely to take place in Amsterdam. Though special screenings can be arranged. Local venues differ, the latest experience has been at the A’DAM&Co, Amsterdam. 

The ally company sponsors the event. Conditions are agreed upon with the diversity & inclusion associate of the ally company. 

Depending on the needs of the ally company, a Purple Passport experience can be organised for up to 200 people. 

This is up to the ALLY company to decide. However, we recommend doing at least a few separate days of the Purple Passport Experience, one exclusive for the stakeholders of the ally company, one for everyone else in the city. 

Each Purple Passport Experience has a theme and a specifically curated group of LGBTQI+ artists showcasing works on that particular theme. The laid-back, interactive structure, the unique curation and the casual atmosphere makes each experience one of a kind.