Ulas with his work during an exhibition in Amsterdam, 2021

Born in Söke, Turkey in 1987, Ulas has studied and worked in a curious range of fields before committing to an art career.
His bachelor's and master's degrees in information systems and MBA respectively, have allowed him to work as a brand manager at an Istanbul based multinational for 4 years.
in 2015, he rediscovered his passion for drawing while watching an animated story about the life of Zeki Müren, the first and biggest Turkish queer icon that came into prominence in the 50s.
He started following an online art course the same year with a very specific goal in mind:  to celebrate the often overlooked yet established queer culture of his land through art. 
In 2017, he moved to Amsterdam still in pursuit of the same dream which has allowed his work to resonate with an international queer community and allies.     
Ulas is a part of the European-Turkish Contemporary Artists and he occasionally works with brands under his creative studio WOO Branding, where he provides bespoke visual design and creative consultancy.
Still residing in lovely Amsterdam, he is  currently working on a new series of works under the title DYNASTY in which he pokes fun at the elusive notion of masculinity.   
2020, University of Amsterdam, Media and Information
2013, Bogazici University, Master of Business Administration
2011, Bogazici University, Management Information Systems
Following is a an excerpt from an interview (in Turkish) where he describes the themes he likes to explore in his own words: 

"I had the chance to spend time in various parts of the world and I find it fascinating how different people believe themselves to be from one another despite the wide set of similarities they unknowingly share.  This observation has sparked an interest in me to learn more about culture in general. I've read a lot about collective memory, nation-states, family as a social institution and gender identity (maybe those 3 degrees were not a complete waste of time, after all). I genuinely believe that what we define as identity on a personal level is formed at the intersection of these four major forces and I enjoy exploring that in my work. If you look closely, you'll see that certain imagery repeats itself in my portraits and illustrations. The failed male gaze,  moustaches, Ottoman miniature painting are all references to the way that I think identity relates to gender, family and the elusive perception of nation."
Having written his thesis on stereotyping and self-orientalism in new media at the University of Amsterdam, Ulas is very interested in experimenting with the digital medium.  Despite starting on paper on most his work, he employs various digital media for the majority of the task.
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