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Meet Jesper. He is a student / aspiring artist from Amsterdam. He is one of those of people that’s effortlessly cool. And I don’t mean it in a look at me I wear oversized slippers to sociology class kind of way. He just won’t judge people. And when you meet him in person, you instantly feel that. A quality not so commonly found these days.


Growing up, Jesper had a really hard time fitting in. He struggled at connecting with his peers, his family, even with himself really. During our chat over a couple of beers he told me he just did not have that urge to go up and talk to people. He did not feel nervous nor did he refrain from it. He just did feel like it, he says. When asked for a particular reason, he has difficulty in naming just one but tends to define the whole experience as a lack of sense for anything, really.


Today Jesper is a strong young man, just exploring his passions in life. Though not pretty often, he does remember those days occassionaly. Music is one of the biggest influences that stuck with him from that period.


It was one of the most beautiful experiences telling your story on paper. Stay cool, my friend. I know you will. And I hope your story inspires many others to stay strong and come through.


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